Thursday, January 2, 2020

Don’t Check Your Email in the Morning


You likely have heard this advice before. You may have even followed it for some time. You may have even read the book:从来不检查电子邮件早上。But, if you’re anything like me, you tried avoiding email in the morning, and it worked for a while before you slipped back into your old habits.

We tell ourselves all kinds of stories for why we have to check email in the morning. Here are a few things I tell myself:

  • It’s efficient to check and delete emails from my phone while drinking my morning coffee.
  • 它知道什么是未来的日子是很重要的。
  • 可能有急事,我需要作出回应。
  • 我可以快速扫描我的电子邮件,然后转移到其他任务。

Despite what I may tell myself, I am not that important. Nothing will happen if I don’t check my email all morning. And, although it may seem efficient to scan my email in the morning, it is not.



今年我是系主任,我得职责ond to lots of emails in that and other administrative capacities. During the Fall semester, I was able to handle those responsibilities while also getting my writing done in September and October. In November, however, I added three out-of-town trips to my already packed schedule and my writing fell by the wayside. Looking back, one of the main reasons I got so little writing done in November is that I began my days responding to emails. Once I opened my emails, it was difficult to achieve the focus I needed to make progress on my writing.


Thus, in the coming Spring semester, I am going to avoid email and all social media until I complete my writing tasks for the day. Then, I will limit both activities to specific times of the day.

我的计划是在早上6点醒来,写一小时,把我的女儿上学,去跑跑步bepaly安卓客户端,吃早餐,然后坐下来我第二次写入会话。一旦我的第二次会议结束后,我会检查我的电子邮件。然后,我将结束我的电子邮件,并在一天结束时再次进行检查。下午5点,我将退出我的电子邮件和关闭程序,直到第二天。在深工作,Cal Newport also recommends having an official end to the workday to allow the mind time to reset and refocus.


It should not be difficult for me to keep this routine during the month of January, as my semester does not officially start until January 14th and classes don’t begin until January 21st. Thus, no one expects a quick response from me during this time. My hope is that I will be emboldened and inspired by my writing productivity during the month of January and that I will thus keep this up for the rest of the semester.



  1. 嗨蔡健雅,

    I have a question for you about academic blogging. They say that you should blog about a topic that you're an expert about. I am interested in starting my own academic blog, but I've only completed my undergraduate degree. Many blogs I have seen are usually written by graduate students or professors, so I'm a little discouraged by that. Do you think it would be a good idea to start an academic blog even where I am now?



    1. Dear Maiyi,