当我们接近夏末的时候,many colleges and universities are looking for ways to support new faculty members arriving on campus.管理者和资深教授经常意识到,旧的事实上的指导体系——老的教职员工随意地向新同事展示这些绳索——有其局限性。

Linus Carl Pauling(1901-1994年)

Institutions usually start upgrading their faculty mentoring in two basic ways.首先,他们正式指派一名导师给每个新的教员。Second,他们举办了一系列关于如何在工作中取得成功的讲习班bepaly地址。

The system of assigning a mentor to each new hire is an important baseline.然而,事实上,这一制度也有一些同样的缺陷,即并非所有的资深教授都是好导师,很多时候,他们与新教师所面临的挑战没有很好的联系。期望一名教员满足初级同事的所有不同需求是不现实的。Likewise,bepaly地址关于“的讲习班How to bepaly安卓客户端Write Your First Book"or"Getting Your First Grant"can be indispensable,但是许多新的教员需要超过一小时的支持,one-shot seminars.

这两种方法肯定比什么都没有要好。然而,还有很多其他的,指导新(和老)教师的更有创造性的方法。I offer the following list of 10,这些都不超过几千美元,其中一些实际上是免费的。


New faculty with small children often find it difficult to attend an evening event,and are also interested in meeting other professors with kids.在一个像健身房一样有趣的地方组织一次家庭友好的会面和问候是一个很好的解决方案。Make sure there are organized activities for the kids or even a few giant yoga balls to toss around.


In addition to on-campus mentors,newcomers to the profession often need to build their network by finding mentors and advocates outside of their home institutions.各部门可以通过拨出资金来帮助教职工支付这些差旅费。

Give small grants to new faculty to invite senior scholars to campus.

The idea here is to ask visiting scholars to critique the work of new junior faculty.这通常采用“的形式书房”where a new faculty member invites three other academics to campus to discuss and critique the junior scholar's book manuscript.I know faculty members who have done that,发现这是一次非常有价值的经历。


There are tons of amazing productivity books out there that new faculty should read,such as How to bepaly安卓客户端Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing.比读书更好的是和同事们一起讨论这本书。这不仅确保了这本书不只是放在书架上;it also gives people the opportunity to share pointers,work through challenges,and hear about other helpful books.

Reward stellar on-campus mentors.

正如我提到的,并非所有的教员都是有能力的导师。By establishing a mentoring award,the university can both honor people who are good at mentoring and establish role models for other faculty who would like to be better mentors.


许多教员不知道如何成为有效的导师,but they can learn.在培训班上,bepaly地址award-winning mentors can provide tips on their most effective mentoring practices.

Hold monthly problem-solving lunches.

A free lunch is an inexpensive,容易的,and much-appreciated way to get academics together.每月为新教师提供一次午餐,让他们有机会结交朋友并面对共同的挑战。


所有学者的写作都需要反馈。It can be challenging,然而,to find people to critique your work.One way around that problem is to organize small writing groups with four members who meet four times during the semester or quarter.每次会议上,一个人从小组其他人那里得到工作的反馈,所以到学期结束时,每个参与者的工作都受到了批评。

Organize writing accountability groups.

Writing feedback groups can be great when we need critiques,but sometimes we just need encouragement and support.机构可以通过组织四个成员编写责任小组来帮助教员,这些责任小组每周举行一次会议,持续一小时。That helps motivate the group members to keep writing and also gives them a place to talk about productivity challenges and successes.


许多学者在办公室写作时由于经常被打断而遇到困难。One solution is to create a quiet space on campus where faculty members can go to bepaly安卓客户端write.If the space has coffee,even better!!

在许多机构,a cultural shift in mentoring practices is needed.A place that has long had a de facto or nonexistent mentoring program can be transformed into one where a positive mentoring culture exists.指导计划如果成功了,就不会成功。”一刀切。”然而,通过提供多种选择,colleges and universities can support their faculty members and build community while they are at it.

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