Friday,September 5,2014

On Writing: Sometimes Less Is More

I have published my first piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education's new site: Vitae.You can read it hereand I have pasted the first few paragraphs below.

I recently organized a writing 撤退in Yosemite National Park.When the participants learned that we would only be writing for two and a half hours each day,many were surprised."Isn't this a writing retreat?"they asked."我是个慢作家,bepaly安卓客户端can I skip the afternoon activities so that I can get in more writing?""

I understood their frustration and surprise.It is normal to expect that the more hours you spend on a task,the more productive you will be.然而,写作是不同的。我把它比作搬运石头:当你搬运石头时,you deplete your physical energy.当你写,bepaly安卓客户端你耗尽了你的智力。Because each of us only has a limited amount of intellectual energy,it is not the case that the more hours you spend writing,the more productive you will be.

Your intellectual energy can be a bit delicate.如果你每天把它弄到痛苦的尽头,你会发现你拥有的越来越少。你是否花了一整天的时间在一个项目上,却发现第二天你无法前进?你有没有把自己推到极限,以满足最后期限,发现自己无法在下周或更长的时间内发挥作用?When that happens,it is because you have pushed your intellectual energy to the limit.You have hit a wall and need time to recover.


Of course,if you prefer,你可以继续过度劳累,撞到墙上。然而,wouldn't it be better to figure out how much intellectual energy you can expend on a daily basis and stick to that?Wouldn't it be better to wake up each day fresh and ready to move forward??

当你坐下来写的时候,bepaly安卓客户端you can completely focus on your work.And I mean completely.关掉你的电话,and step away from email,网络,and social media.For most people,the best time to bepaly安卓客户端write is first thing in the morning--before checking email or Facebook.Try writing for at least an hour before looking at your email or social-media accounts.

Use a timer as you bepaly安卓客户端write to see how much time you are actually writing,而不是寻求分心。Turn the timer off each time you are distracted by anything not directly related to your writing.(如果你不确定你是否真的在写作,please see this list of 每天10种写作方式bepaly安卓客户端.)

When you bepaly安卓客户端write first thing in the morning,and then stop writing for the rest of the day,your mind will continue to process thoughts related to your project.好好利用这个机会。最好的方法之一是独自散步,不带任何电子设备。Use the time to process your thoughts.Think back on what you have written for the day and about what you will do the next day.You may be surprised about the revelations you have about your writing when you are not writing.在这些散步中,你甚至可能希望随身携带一个记事本。

读剩下的 here.

And,如果你对那篇文章感兴趣 撤退I mention above,请看这个 网站as there are still a few spots open for the next retreat - which will be in Hawaii.

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