学术就业市场很困难,but people are still getting job offers.当你得到工作机会的时候,你如何谈判?你应该谈判吗?我认为答案是肯定的,我为如何在这篇文章中进行谈判提供了一些建议。


对于我的第一份工作,I did not negotiate at all.我听说我要谈判。However,我不知道从哪里开始,也不知道该问什么。我温顺地要求增加搬家费用。主席说他不能在搬家费用上让步。相反,他给了我1美元,000 more in salary and I took the offer.

I had interviewed at another place,但在(有可能)收到报价之前就退出了搜索。I had heard that I could use a second offer to negotiate,但我害怕自己看起来很贪婪。


我并不孤单。只有 百分之七当女性得到工作机会时,她们会进行谈判,as compared to 57% of men!!

在我第一份工作六年后,it became clear that my salary was not competitive.I asked my senior colleagues for advice on how I might get a raise.他们告诉我,获得加薪的唯一途径就是进入就业市场,再得到一份工作。所以,我发了三份求职申请。


仍然,我不想后悔没有谈判。而且,after six years as a professor,I had heard plenty of stories of people getting more resources when they negotiated.所以,I decided to ask for more resources in each of the following categories:

  • 基本工资
  • research funds
  • conference funds
  • equipment funds
  • 课程发布
  • 暑期工资
  • 搬家费
  • housing allowance

对于我要求的每一件事,我给出了理由。当我寻求住房方面的帮助时,我解释说,由于住房危机,我不太可能卖掉房子。When I asked for course releases,I said I would use the time to bepaly安卓客户端write a grant.When I asked for research funds,我解释了我会用这些钱做什么。

我列出了我的请求清单和附带的理由,ran it by a few trusted people,and sent it to the Dean.

I didn't get everything I asked for,but the Dean was willing to give me some of the things I asked for.

What I found interesting about the process is how simultaneously hard and easy it is.很难鼓起勇气去要求东西。但一旦你有勇气去要求 知道要问什么,谈判非常容易。You ask for it and the Dean either says yes or no.

In my case,院长对一些事情说了“是”。在别人的中途遇到我,对别人说不。

I took the letter back to my university and they offered me a substantial raise,research funds,课程发布。The hard part was making a decision: should I stay at my job with improved resources or should I leave and venture off into unknown territory??

Eventually,I decided to move because the new job and location seemed like the best option for my family and I was ready for something a bit different professionally.

Now that I have the job and the accompanying resources,I am glad I negotiated because I feel like I got the best deal possible.In my first job,I always had that nagging feeling that I should have negotiated.

The important lesson here is that you never know what you will get if you ask,but you can be sure that if you don't ask,you won't get anything.

Friday,November 1,二千零一十三

It's November,also known as #AcWriMo

在过去的几年里,academic bepaly安卓客户端writers on social media have begun to participate in #AcWriMo - Academic Writing Month - the academic version of National Novel Writing Month.


我第一次听说 #AcWriMo来自发布的phd2-其中 post宣布并描述2013版Acwrimo。在过去的两年里,我用我的 Twitteraccount.

我计划今年再做一次,and I hope you will join me.

Here are the four basic components of #AcWriMo that you might find helpful:

  • 决定你的目标。这些目标可以是简单的,也可以是多方面的。例如,你的目标是每天写750个字,或者每天完成四个Pomodoros,或完成一篇文章的草稿。
  • State your goals in a public forum.You can do this onTwitterusing the hashtag#AcWriMo.你可以在公众面前做spreadsheetcreated by PhD2Published.You can start an accountability group over email with friends.你可以在下面的评论部分发布你的目标。You can do it anywhere you like.但是,不要跳过这一步!!
  • Post your progress.If you are on Twitter,you can post daily updates using the #AcWriMo hashtag.如果你在Facebook上,PhD2Published also has a脸谱网可以发布的页面。It is important to have public accountability,because it actually works!!
  • Declare your successes at the end of November and celebrate!!

本着公众责任的精神,here are my November writing goals.

During the month of November,I will bepaly安卓客户端write for at least two hours each day.Most of my work is revising,所以我会坚持时间目标,与字数目标相反。当我写新作品时,我每天试着写500个新词。

My specific writing goals include:

  1. 对第15组进行最后的润色-第15组的最后一章race textI am writing!!
  2. Revise DEP5 - the fifth chapter of my book on deportees that is nearly finished.
  3. Finish writing DEP6 - the sixth chapter of my book on deportees that is in disarray.
  4. Pull together a first draft of DEP7 - the seventh chapter of the same book that is all in pieces.
  5. 完成ASA会议文件。
  6. 为下一个项目工作,并提交到任何11月的最后期限。
I will post my progress on Twitter.快乐的AcWriMo!!