Do you have an overwork problem??

Are you an academic who works more than 40 hours a week?Would you like to work fewer hours?If you answered"yes"to both of these questions,this post is for you.


In this post,我正在努力做到尽可能实际。我也在回应所有学者都在工作的无所不在的神话 80 hours a week.I am committed to working 40 hours myself and to helping those who wish to do the same be able to do so.

I understand that there are both individual and structural barriers to academics being able to lead healthy,balanced lives.In this post,我会关注个人障碍,because we need to work through those in order to get to the structural issues.


  1. You have too many tasks you need to complete each week and it is impossible to complete them within 40 hours.
  2. 你在每项任务上花费的时间比你需要的要多。
  3. You are less efficient than you could be with your work hours and spend too much time doing non-work related things during your work day,从而延长你认为你在工作的时间。

你可能很难找出这三个原因中的哪一个是你的主要问题。But,a careful,non-judgmental evaluation might be helpful.

Let's work backwards – starting with the third possibility: Are you inefficient with your work time?解决这个问题的最好方法是跟踪一周的时间。Kerry Ann Rockquemore解释了如何做到这一点 在这里.Track every waking hour that includes some work.If you begin your day by checking your email,那就开始吧。If you end your day grading papers,end then.Track your time in 15-minute increments.If,在周末,you find that you only actually"worked"–回复电子邮件,graded papers,read manuscripts,wrote,ran experiments,attended meetings – for 40 hours,then you have found your answer.在这种情况下,努力提高你的注意力可能会有帮助,这样你就可以有意识的工作和非工作时间,这将允许你都工作40个小时,而不会感到工作过度。(Here is one strategyyou may find useful.)

If,然而,你每分钟都在追踪,而且40多小时都会来,继续下一个问题: Are you spending more time than you should on each task?How long do you spend reviewing articles for journals?How many hours do you spend preparing class?你给论文评分要花多长时间?你花多少时间阅读每个工作申请?There are no set-in-stone answers to these questions,but there are ways to figure it out.你可以问你的同事他们在每项任务上花费了多长时间,并弄清楚期望值是什么。你可以在Facebook上发布这个问题。我问Facebook上的人他们花了多长时间来阅读文章,答案在2到6个小时之间变化——你可以决定你是想在更高的范围还是更低的范围。And,罗伯特·博伊斯建议你每节课的准备时间不要超过1到2小时。

Once you do all of this,and you still realize that you are coming in at over 40 hours,然后是时候继续下一步了: What tasks are you going to cut??To figure out what to cut,you have to figure out what the norms are and whether you are in the low or high range compared to your colleagues.当你所有的同事都有10个顾问时,你有55个顾问吗?当你的大多数人在你的领域评论6的时候,你每年都在为杂志评论16篇文章吗?当你的同事每人的学生不超过5人时,你在指导10篇论文吗?Are you on every single grant panel you have been asked to be on?Are there committee responsibilities you can let go of?Are you assigning five papers a semester in your class when all of your colleagues have multiple-choice exams??

I don't know what would happen if all academics insisted on working only 40 hours a week.But,we can't find out until academics make it a priority to try working reasonable hours instead of working hard to convince everyone that we actually work 80 hours a week and thus deserve our median salaryof $62,000.

我发表这篇文章时有点不安,因为我谨慎地将教师的困境归咎于教师。然而,I am also aware of the fact that all academic jobs are not created equally.我完全确信,有些教师不能在一周40小时内完成他们所期望的一切。I am equally certain that there are many academics who could have healthy,如果他们实施了无数学术生产力专家提出的一些策略,平衡生活。