Friday,May 7,2010


How can you be a successful academic without abandoning your family responsibilities,减少你的课程,and over-working yourself to the point of exhaustion?Is the only way to get it all done to work upwards of 80 hours a week?I strongly believe it is not.

The truth is: 你可以在40小时内完成。.此外,it is crucial for academics to develop strategies that allow you to balance work and life outside of work.Of course,我不会否认这样一个事实,即许多助理教授每周要工作80小时以上才能获得终身职位。然而,我也认为一周只工作40小时是可能的。

Working 40 hours a week allows you to have time for your family,to take vacations,to do things you love,to engage in activism or to take up a hobby – all things many people claim are impossible while you are on the tenure track.然而,these are also all things that are crucial for an enjoyable life.为什么要获得终身需要痛苦吗??

The expectation that you work 80 hours is unproductive
Unfortunately,many people continue to think that the only way to get tenure is to work constantly.I recall a faculty meeting where one of my colleagues asked me what I planned to do over Spring Break.Another senior colleague interrupted to say that,作为一名初级教师,我没有春假——当然,我会在我的研究上工作。因为期望终身制教师必须日以继夜地工作,I felt as though it would be inappropriate to tell them that,in fact,I had booked a cabin in the Rocky Mountains for my family for the break.

I find this expectation that junior faculty work around the clock to be detrimental and unproductive.此外,this expectation prevents junior faculty from thinking of ways they can achieve tenure with a reasonable work schedule.If we all accept that it is normal for Assistant Professors to work insane hours,那么,那些过度工作的人就不会那么倾向于找到方法,用合理的时间表去做他们需要做的事情。And,those who don't work around the clock may feel as if they are not doing enough.

You can get it all done in 40 hours
我的经验是,我可以在一周40小时内完成我需要做的事情。在那一周,I find time to make progress on my research,teach my classes effectively,履行我的大学和国家服务义务。My experience has also been that the hours that I work over forty hours a week have a seriously diminishing return on my time investment.我工作了八个小时就没有效率了。I am less productive on Monday if I have been working all weekend.And,I am not a happy camper if I don't have a real break from work over winter and summer breaks.

For these reasons,I encourage all junior faculty to try and figure out a way to accomplish all that you need to accomplish in an eight-hour day.What would happen if your organized your schedule into five eight-hour work days?You only really know the answer to that if you try it.